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Staff Ninja is offering a free consultation session to help you prepare for your CMMC assessment.

  • Understand the CMMC framework
  • Learn the methods used by Certified Assessors
  • Gauge the level of effort required to pass the assessment based on your current state

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Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) SERVICES


Staff Ninja is a Registered Provider Organization with multiple Registered Practitioners on staff. Whether you need help documenting your current environment, preparing for a CMMC L3 assessment, or remediating security control gaps discovered during an audit, our team of RP Ninjas are available to help your cause.

Why Staff Ninja?

Staff Ninja is a technology services organization. But we are much more than that. We source our talent from NexGenT, the leading IT training academy founded by former instructors from the U.S. Air Force.

NexGenT provides Military Grade IT Training, which means our consultants are not “Paper Tigers.” All NexGenT graduates receive live instruction and hands-on training, and must pass a skills qualification check to verify that they have the actual skills to match their certifications.

Why partner with Staff Ninja?

We continue to provide the NexGenT graduates with advanced technical and soft skills training so you can immediately plug them into your organization. This minimizes your risk, accelerates your progress and maximizes your investment. 

Ahmed Abdelmoneim

I have always been drawn to the ever-changing tech environment. I started as an Electrical Engineer, which quickly transitioned into software engineering positions, and now I’m focused on security. I love solving problems and take a lot of pride in helping companies deal with today’s security challenges. I am excited to be a part of Staff Ninja team so I created this short video to highlight my experience and passion for cybersecurity.


Working on CompTIA Security+



  • 2 Years – Java API developer, HCL Technologies, Frisco TX


  • Bachelor's degree, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, University of North Texas

  • Cyber Security Certification, NexGenT

Top Skill Sets

  • CMMC Adherence and Compliance 78% 78%
  • IAM/SAML Implementation and Troubleshooting 85% 85%
  • Identifying and Analyzing Threats 88% 88%

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